13 Queen Triggerfish

Réalisation d’une table pour le restaurant Patate & Persil à Vaudreuil

dans le cadre du projet « A table avec les artistes ».

Merci aux propriétaires du restaurant M. Eric Blais et Mme Marlie Lefebvre ainsi qu’à tous les bénévoles qui ont contribué à la réalisation de ce magnifique projet!

Je vous invite à découvrir ce restaurant au bord de l’eau, sa cuisine et ses jolies tables!


Edith Larochelle, artiste en arts visuels

Source Wikipedia:
Information about this fish…
Balistes vetula, the queen triggerfish or old wife, is a reef dwelling triggerfish found in the Atlantic Ocean. It is occasionally caught as a gamefish, and sometimes kept in very large marine aquaria.
The queen triggerfish reaches 60 cm (24 in), though most only are about half that length.  It is typically blue, purple, turquoise and green with a yellowish throat, and light blue lines on the fins and head. It can change colour somewhat to match its surroundings, or if subjected to stress.
Distribution:  In the western Atlantic, it ranges from Canada to southern Brazil and in the eastern Atlantic it is found at Ascension, Cape Verde, Azores and south to Angola.  It is reasonably common in Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.